Frazier Aviation, Inc. History

In 1953 Frazier Aviation Services was started by Leona (Lee) P. Frazier. It started out as part time, as she was employed by Douglas Aircraft in Santa Monica working as an Executive Assistant to Howard Cleveland –Vice President of Manufacturing.
Robert (Bob) L. Frazier Jr. was Director of Middle East /Africa Sales and Supply for Douglas Aircraft during the World War II. He continued in that capacity after the war.

1948 Bob Jr. met Lee at her father’s diner right outside the Douglas gate building A20.
1950 Lee married Bob.
1952 Bob saw more and more requirements for spares, but with production ramping up in Santa Monica and elsewhere, production requirements came first. Spares were a secondary thought. Bob Jr., needing spares, went to Lee, who found that the spares requirements could be filled faster through another department called Purchase Parts. Internally, that department could not accommodate the external representatives. The problem was that customers relied heavily on getting their spares directly from their Douglas representatives.

  • 1953 Frazier Aviation Services started.
  • 1954 Lee leaves Douglas Aircraft.
  • 1956 Frazier Aviation was keeping them both busy.  Bob Jr. leaves Douglas.
  • 1957 Lee’s father sells his diner and comes to work at Frazier Aviation Services as both Quality Control and Shipping.
  • 1958 Frazier Aviation Services officially become Frazier Aviation, Inc.
  • 1960 Charles (Chuck) Ricard comes to work for Frazier Aviation from Douglas Part Sales.
  • 1976 Robert (Bob) L. Frazier Jr. died of complications from a 3 year endurance with cancer. Lee continued to run the company as President, then as Chairperson, and then Chairperson Emeritus.
    In 1976 Robert (also known as Bob) L. Frazier III joined the company during law school, and became so enthralled that he changed his career. He went back to school to get an MBA in Material Business Management, at night, from Loyola University.
    Since that time the company has seen numerous changes and growth, and is now recognized as one of the leading quality manufacturers and suppliers of aerospace component spares worldwide. Frazier Aviation has become one of the leading suppliers and a solid choice by companies and countries needing aerospace spares logistic support. Today, Bob is CEO/COO. He acknowledges the roots from which Frazier Aviation started, and he continues to strategically direct todays Frazier Aviation in new directions of growth, and higher levels of aerospace parts integration and quality.

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