Manufacture Machine

Manufacture Machine Details and Assemblies

Our manufacturing facility is well organized and maintained. Our equipment is up-to-date and includes CNC computer controlled machinery. Frazier Aviation Inc. is known as a high quality, precision manufacturer in large or small quantities, employing some of the most highly skilled machinists in Southern California. Our facility has the full capability and equipment necessary to fabricate precision parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies from various types of material – steel, aluminum forgings, castings, bar stock, extrusion, making parts from 4 inches to 26 feet. Examples would be Hydraulic Damper Assemblies, Canopy Actuators, Brake Trim Assemblies, Brake Shoe Assembly, Corner Fittings, Floor Beams, Rainbow Fittings,etc. Frazier Aviation, Inc. is the largest manufacturer (other than Lockheed) for the spare market of Chine Caps, Longerons, Beams, etc.

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