Lockheed C-130 Hercules

Lockheed has spent decades perfecting the performance of the C-130 to make it the ideal choice for hauling large heavy equipment…

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Welcome to Frazier Aviation, Inc.

For over 57 years, Frazier Aviation Inc. has been a comprehensive and versatile aerospace component manufacturer. We are highly diverse and feature outstanding design and manufacturing talents; from machining, sheet metal, stretch and hydro-forming, to a complete overhaul and repair facility. Frazier Aviation was a founding member of the Lockheed Martin Certified Parts Program, the ‘Hologram Program’, and is an approved manufacturer and supplier for all of Lockheed Martin’s facilities. Frazier Aviation is noted as a member of the Boeing Preferred Supplier Inspection Delegation(PSID) Program.

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Frazier Aviation, Inc. Service

Manufacturing Resource Planning

FRAZIER AVIATION’S Manufacturing Resource Planning is defined by APICS as a method for the…

Enterprise Resource Planning

FRAZIER AVIATION’S Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a company-wide computer software system.

Aviation Supply

FRAZIER AVIATION’S Aviation Supply Chain spans all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory.

Lockheed Certified Parts

As of 2003, Lockheed Martin announced its “Hercules C130 Certified Parts Program”. Frazier Aviation was selected.

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